Mastering the smallest pieces of Data this browser based Laboratory Information Management System
is a comprehensive solution for a laboratory and its customers.




Sample Container

Each Sample container is issued a unique number called the Container ID or UBIN (Unique Bottle Identification Number)

Information about the container is related to and tracked with the UBIN: such as Manufacturer, Lot, Size, Preservative, and more...

Customer Data Retrieval Center
via the Internet

Customers have access 24/7/365 to their analytical reports, chain of custodies, invoices correspondence, and more...


Stock and Working Material

Each order of a Stock Chemical, material supply, or prepared Working Chemical is issued a unique number called a MIN (Material Identification Number).

Information about the materials is related to and tracked with the MIN: such as Manufacturer, Lot, Quantity, Received Date, Expiration Date, and more...



Work Order
(to Laboratory Network Partners)

Tracking of sample containers in a Work Order to their respective place for analysis.

The location for analysis is set for each sample container upon receipt whether it is an in-house location or to be shipped to a Network Partner.

Manifests are created listing sample containers grouped by Network Partners to record movement and custody to place of analysis.


Instrument / Equipment

An Instrument or Equipment is issued a unique number called an IIN (Instrument Identification Number).

Information about the Instrument or Equipment can be related to and tracked with the IIN: such as Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, In-Service Date, and more...


An Invoice for a work order is produced and delivered to the customer via email.  Receivables are posted to customers invoices. 

Statements are produced automatically on the 1st day of the month.

Late payment notices are automatically sent on a weekly cycle.